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The evolution of 3D Printing in Orthopedics: Where did we start and what’s next? (video)

Watch co-founder, Peter Verrillo, discuss the evolution and future of 3D printed implants Benjamin Johnson and Gautam Gupta of 3D Systems Healthcare.

3D printing or additive manufacturing is a hugely disruptive force in orthopedics innovation. 

Even when the technology first began, its applications in healthcare have been apparent. 

Diseases like diabetes and heart disease can destroy healthy tissues over time. Arthritis, another degenerative disease, plagues millions around the world. 

Imagine a world where none of this is an issue anymore. 

What if we could just print a brand-new tissue or organ, whenever someone needed it. 

This is the long-term vision for 3D printing

In the beginning, 3D printed products would disintegrate into powder easily. With time, evolution in three main areas has revolutionized how we think of personalized surgery.