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Learn about what’s new in orthopedics (video)

Enhatch co-founder, Peter Verillo, sat down with Ira Kirschenbaum MD to talk about JOEI in Chicago at the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons (AAOS) this year. Watch the video to learn more.

A huge part of being an orthopedic surgeon is the commitment to peer-to-peer education. It’s common for surgeons to share their hard-earned insights and experiences with new techniques or technologies to help advance the field of orthopedics and improve patients’ lives. 

Where can the surgeon community go to learn about the latest in orthopedics innovation: surgical robots, AI, intelligent ecosystems, AR, VR, and more? 

One tried-and-tested way is through peer-reviewed publications. 

Enter JOEI, the Journal of Orthopedic Experience and Innovation, a peer-reviewed publication.