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The Intelligent Surgery Blog

Future of Planning Surgeries is 3D

An Interview with João Pedro Ribeiro of PeekMed

Collaboration is key with everything we do at Enhatch and as such, we endeavor to dialogue with other innovators doing extraordinary work in the world of surgery. This led us to our conversation with João Pedro Ribeiro, CEO of PeekMed. PeekMed is a powerful AI-based pre-operative planning system for orthopedic surgery based in Portugal. Much like us, they’ve been dogged in their pursuit of solving challenges for surgeons in planning and preparing for surgery. In this video interview with our CEO, Peter Verrillo, João says, “In the future, we’ll be planning every single procedure in 3D.” We couldn’t agree more. Watch this video for insights into how ecosystems are vital to this future. 

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The Future of 3D Printing and Personalized Solutions in Surgery

An Interview with Menno Ellis of 3D Systems Healthcare

Our CEO, Peter Verrillo sat down with Menno Ellis from the Healthcare Solutions division of 3D Systems Corporation to talk about the latest advances with 3D printing in surgery. Both agreed that the future of medicine is around personalization and in this discussion, we see how partnerships like Enhatch’s with 3D Systems are paving the way. Menno shares how they’ve managed to break the technical challenge around 3D printing with PEEK (polyaryletheretherketone). They are already seeing advances in cranial implants, restoration, and to a lesser extent in spinal. In this engaging dialogue, Menno shares a number of insights around advances in personalized implants, bio-printing, and more.  

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Elevating Surgery with XR Streaming

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Holo-Light to deliver an immersive streaming platform for intraoperative procedures and surgical training using augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR).

AR and VR dynamically improve the surgical experience for both patient and surgeon. 

This integration of Holo-Light into the Enhatch Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem increases the ecosystem’s capacity to bring more intelligence, precision, and efficiency to surgical procedures.

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