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patient specific, intelligent implants and instruments

A New Era of Patient Specific Implants and Instruments

The standard treatment plan paradigm has shifted away, ushering a new era of  patient specific implants and instruments. Standard implants and instruments are outdated, deemed obsolete by their many limitations. From a 3D model of the patient’s anatomy, artificial intelligence-powered software can design a custom implant that will simplify surgical technique and improve patient outcomes.

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intelligent surgery

The Evolution of Intelligent Surgery

The introduction of artificial intelligence is effecting a change in musculoskeletal medicine – an evolution from traditional orthopedic surgery into Intelligent Surgery

Intelligent Surgery is the use of artificial intelligence to enhance implant design, expedite surgical technique, optimize inventory logistics, and simplify clinical workflows, by connecting and learning from patient data during each step of the surgical care continuum.

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Artificial Intelligence on Health Data

Building Artificial Intelligence on Health Data

- Artificial intelligence is built on strong data strategies, but exchanging protected health information through an EHR system is a challenge.

- Electronic health records are restricted by privacy compliance and low device interoperability.

- Technology companies are developing ways to collect and apply data throughout clinical workflows.

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