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Enhatch Marketing

ECOSYSTEM: The Future of Enabling Tech in Spine

During the NASS 2021 meeting, Enhatch interviewed leaders working in top health tech companies about their work and how it impacts the Intelligent Surgery Ecosystem. In this interview Enhatch’s Senior Project Manager Morgan Continisio sat down with Orthopedic Spine Surgery Specialist Henry Fabian, MD. to discuss how technology is impacting spine and orthopedic surgeries. 

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ASCs for Spine Surgery

ASCs for Spine: How Medical Device Manufacturers Can Improve Accuracy and Efficiency

Spine surgeries have been slower to transition to an outpatient setting because of their complexity. However, some spine procedures are now considered lower risk and safe for Ambulatory Surgery Centers (ASC).  For example, a survey found that 86% of spine surgeons expected lumbar discectomies to move to ASCs at accelerating rates over the next few years. A similar trend is predicted for cervical-lumbar decompressions. This is only possible due to the incredible advances in surgical techniques, pain management, medical imaging, and medical device technologies.

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